Why eat plantains ?

Plantains are imported throughout the year and mainly come from Martinique, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Côte d’Ivoire.

Rich in antioxidants …

Rich in antioxidant, bananas would prevent the onset of many diseases. In addition, it contains sugars help in maintaining good gastrointestinal health.

Essential energy source …

Thanks to its high carbohydrate , plantain is an essential source of energy in feed rations of several populations : its energy intake is around of 120 kcal (500 kJ ) per 100 g of cooked plantain. Due to the strong dominant complex carbohydrates (starch), and a high fiber content (5.8 g per 100 g), this energy is released gradually in the body.

Plantain can thus play the role in the supply of basic carbohydrate food. She also has another feature, much appreciated: a good ability to satisfy the appetite.

A vitamin and mineral intake of food…

Plantain also contributes to vitamin and mineral intake of food. Thus, even if during baking, the vitamin C is partially destroyed, a portion of 200 g cooked plantain still provides 6 to 10 mg, which is far from negligible: this represents 7 to 12% of the RDA * for adults and 11-18% of the RDA * for the child.

As regards minerals, the contents thereof are hardly changed by cooking. It appears that if a portion of 200 g of cooked plantain represents a significant source of potassium (700 mg / 200 g portion of plantain), it also constitutes a useful contribution of magnesium (66 mg / portion, either 16-20 *% of the RDA for adults), phosphorus (70 mg / portion, or 9% of the RDA *), iron (1 mg / portion, or 6-10% of the RDA *) and even copper (0.2 mg / serving, or 8% of the RDA *) or zinc (0.32 mg / serving, or 3% of the RDA *).

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance

Quality control

Plantains used for FritoPlantain products come from a Canadian supplier for which quality control is done by JB Laverdure Inc. Also, FritoPlantain bananas being homemade, we make sure to inspect each of them by checking their freshness and color, all made aseptically.

We get crates plantains in a maximum of one day prior to the production of bananas FritoPlantain to maximize freshness.