The site Frito Plantain, is aware of the issues raised in relation to the circulation of personal information on the Internet and wishes to collaborate with you to ensure respect and protection of your privacy. For this reason, we want to explain what information we collect when you visit Frito Plantain and also when, how and why we collect this information. So please carefully read the following lines and refer to it periodically to monitor changes that might be made. Rest assured that no personal information is collected on the Frito Plantain site without your consent.

The collection and processing of personal information


In some special circumstances, either when registering for our various personalized services, email, site of Frito Plantain requests that you enter your name, address, email address and other personal information in a form to the screen. Thus, when the site Frito Plantain asks you such information, you are always explicitly advised and you are informed that you give us information that will be processed, that is to say do a set of operations concerning the collection, recording, processing, modification, conservation and destruction of said personal information.

For who?

Only the site Frito Plantain has access to the information you have sent him. No personal information will be made available to persons outside of the Frito Plantain Site without your explicit prior consent. Furthermore, please be advised that all personal information collected on the site Frito Plantain is stored in inaccessible to the public.

“Cookies” on the site of Frito Plantain

What is a “cookie”?

“Cookies” are pieces of information that are sent by a web site when you visit.

They are saved, either temporarily or permanently on your hard drive to keep track of your visit. The information stored may concern, in particular, the date and time of your visit, a response to a questionnaire completed on the visited site, personal information collected by the server, etc. Thus, cookies can enhance the usefulness of the Web safeguarding information about your preferences for a particular site. The use of cookies is now a standard in the IT world. Most browsers will accept cookies by default.

You can always change your settings to refuse cookies if you wish. In this case, however, you might not receive all the elements of a Web site. Cookies in themselves are harmless. You can see and destroy them if you want as they are on your hard drive. So you have complete control.