Frequently asked questions

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Frito Plantain products are composed of natural plantain and canola oil only. They contain no preservatives or added products.

If you have a market or a restaurant and you want to sell or serve our products Frito Plantain, you should go in the ” Business Account ” at the bottom of the browser page and complete the form provided for that purpose. Once the completed form, we will contact you within the next 24 hours.

We are committed to confirm beforehand with the best time delivery of your order. In case you are not present at this time, a charge of $ 5 will apply additional at the next delivery.

Yes. If you thaw the bananas, you can freeze them again.

We recommend you keep the Frito Plantain products frozen for a minimum period of three months. However for optimal freshness, we recommend freezing for a period of one month.

No. Frito plantain can not be boiled as they are first pre-cooked by frying. However, some people prefer to cook them in the oven.

The best method of cooking bananas green or sweet plantains are fried. However, you can also bake it.